Lisa Walraven

Housekeeping Supervisor

Each morning, Lisa and her co-workers are tasked with assessing the hotel’s housekeeping needs, for the day, week and foreseeable future. They break down the daily duties for the Housekeeping staff, coordinate with other departments to share their movements throughout the building, and strategize future movements and trends. Lisa says, “this year, we have worked diligently to do this safely and efficiently without compromising the guests experience.” Lisa says, “Each New Year along with all the usual resolutions – eat well, exercise more, criticize less – I like to reflect on my favorite quote of the year, decade, half century. My all-time favorite quote is ‘The best the truth can be is half the story.’ This year, I have been touched on so many levels by a quote I read, ‘Ask yourself. Do you want to start a revolution or an evolution? What you do next matters!’ Powerful stuff. Peace and be well.”