Denise Burgess

Administrative Specialist

Denise BurgessAs administrative specialist, Denise Burgess serves as the executive assistant to the director of the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel. Burgess assists with the administrative management of the director’s office and serves as a liaison to identify and research problems with processes within the Georgia Center. She also tracks stewardship activities as the Public Service and Outreach donor relations coordinator.

Burgess has deep historical knowledge of the Georgia Center and its operations as she has been employed at the center since 1987, serving in various roles. She has been assigned in the director’s office for the past 10 years, working under the direction of three directors and one interim director. Denise began her employment with UGA in 1984, working three years in the human resources department prior to transferring to the Georgia Center.

Burgess has received the center’s “Employee of the Year” and various teamwork awards during her tenure at the Georgia Center.